Don't Exploit The Culture


Don't Exploit The Culture

I find that the concept of white supremacy is often understood solely when it is overt. There is a general understanding that hate groups like the Klu Klux Klan, slavery and the N-word are all obvious instances of racism towards black people. Yet, many do not always see the intricate and covert complexities of white supremacy in ways that black people experience it. With this piece, I wanted to make the connection that whether racism is overt or covert, they fuel the same divisive message to diminish the identity of black people. I do not believe the Kardashians strive to proclaim any hate or violence towards black people in the way the KKK do. Yet, their identity represents this zeitgeist that whiteness is superior and blackness is only palatable on white women. As a black woman navigating white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, our entire identity becomes political. Our identity immediately threatens people. So when we see white women monetize black womanhood and modify their bodies to look like us receive praise and credit, it erases our humanity.


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